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Dispensing prescriptions

Dispensing prescriptions

We welcome all prescriptions by NZ registered medical practitioners (doctors, dentists, midwives, specialists, optometrists, accredited nurses, dietitians and veterinarians) from hospitals, medical centres, hospice, and private practices. We DO NOT charge you any extra fee for providing medicines after hours and to dispense faxed prescriptions. Most prescriptions for children under 6 years old are FREE.

Community Service Card
Gold Card
Ministry Of Health card
Southern Cross
Activa Card
WINZ payment card

Medical information & Counselling / advice

Medical information

We have at least one pharmacist in the pharmacy at all times who can provide advice about prescription medicines, Pharmacist Only Medicines and over the counter products.

You are welcome to come in with your medical queries or contact us

Blister packing

Blister pack

This is a great tool for people who are on multiple medicines, have difficulties managing their medicines or for convenience purpose.

It can also be used temporarily for patients who are recently discharged from hospital to manage their medicines.

To find out more, contact us or click here.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP)

Emergency Contraceptive Pill

We have accredited pharmacists to provide a private consultation for Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) or more commonly called the morning-after pills. No appointment necessary. More info here.

Trimethoprim for Urinary Tract Infections


We have accredited pharmacists to provide a private consultation for antibiotic to treat uncomplicated urinary tract infections called trimethoprim. No appointment necessary. Find out more here.

Chloramphenicol for Conjunctivitis


We have pharmacists who are trained to provide chloramphenicol eye drops or ointment for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis and other infections of the eyes when clinically appropriate. More info here.

Glucose testing meters

Glucose testing meters

We provide FREE battery replacements on Caresens glucose testing meters. We can help with questions you may have about your glucose meters. Contact us or call 0800 GLUCOSE (0800 45 82 67)

Medicine Disposal

medicine disposal

We can dispose unused medicines or medicines past their expiry date safely for FREE. Do not throw medicines in the rubbish or flush them down the toilet.

Wellington Hospital and Health Foundation


Every item sold helps Wellington Hospitals and Health Foundation purchase medical equipment and comfort items for Wellington Children's Hospital, Wellington and Kenepuru Hospitals and the Kapiti Health Centre. Click here for more info.

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Needle Exchange Programmes

Needle Exchange

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Mobile top up and magazines

Mobile top up and magazines

Cards and Giftwrapping

Cards and Giftwrapping

Baby products and Gifts

Baby products and Gifts

Health and Vitamins

Health and Vitamins

Reading glasses and Sunglasses

Reading glasses and Sunglasses

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